It is my great pleasure and honor to serve as your host and welcome you to this unique, high-paced, dynamic, nonpartisan, diplomatic international affairs forum dedicated to developing critical, sustainable, international social and investment priorities, while connecting global leaders to financial resources necessary for peace, progress and success. The World Diplomatic Forum and Ambassadorial Roundtable are dedicated to information dissemination of world events, their impact upon global and United States foreign policy and committed  to generating new ideas, bringing different parties together to the negotiation table and easing of global tensions by initiating open debates.

In helping to connect diplomacy to business, investment capital, academia and  government, the World Diplomatic Forum & Ambassadorial Roundtable is determined to identify and address key global issues, stimulate confidential dialogue, and foster cooperation between established and emerging powers. It challenges us to rethink our global priorities in order to get things moving again, it stays with issues while willing to take risks, open new frontiers of practical accomplishment. Our talks are incredibly refreshing allowing people to roll up their sleeves, show emotion and speak very directly from the heart. We are extremely dedicated to global education, early exposure to international affairs, inviting underprivileged students & children to meet with foreign diplomats.

We host foreign and US ambassadors, diplomats and  high-ranking government officials on a monthly basis, fostering bilateral relations and connecting especially the California corridor, the Border Region and Western States to cultural diplomacy and international affairs. For our visiting  diplomats, we arrange meetings with government officials, educational institutions, C-level business executives from both sides of the Border, giving our  community and NAFTA partners a chance to meet, collaborate and build strong alliances.

The World Diplomatic Forum & Ambassadorial Roundtable maintains contacts at the highest levels of governments, militaries, businesses, and NGOs ensuring that solutions are implemented and make a real difference in people’s lives. It plays a key role in helping transition countries toward building peaceful democracies and competitive free markets. This is an enormous task, but working together we can and shall continue to make a difference.


The World Diplomatic Forum and Ambassadorial Roundtable bring together the Diplomatic Community, Private Sector, Academia and  Financial Capital in order to achieve critical, sustainable development goals sought by the international community.  


The World Diplomatic Forum and Ambassadorial Roundtable serve as an open, nonpartisan venue to the international diplomatic community, business organizations and academia, dedicated to developing critical, sustainable, international investment and social priorities, while connecting global leaders to financial resources necessary for progress, peace and success.



Location: University of California San Diego
Rady School of Management
May 8th & 9th 2014
La Jolla, California, USA  

International Diplomacy

Working Together to Achieve Strategic and Global Competitiveness

The World  Diplomatic Forum 2014 Conference, May 8th and 9th 2014, will bring together over 200 International and US Ambassadors, with vast economical and political networks working closely together on advances in international cybersecurity, healthcare, education, banking, luxury, defense/diplomacy, clean-tech, bio-pharm. Valuable business and friendships are formed while impacting key global diplomatic issues and fostering cooperation between established and emerging powers. The World Diplomatic Forum follows the World  Economic Forum which takes place annually in Davos, Switzerland and is focused on international diplomacy. 



May: World Diplomatic Forum, University of  California Rady School of Management, La Jolla
May: Ambassador of  Spain, H.E. Ramon Gil Casres
June: Ambassador of the Czech Republic, H.E. Petr Gandalovic, La Jolla, CA  TBA
H.E. Francios Delattre, Ambassador of France (invited)
H.E. Sergey Kysliac, Ambassador of Russia (invited)
H.E. Björn Lyrvall, Ambassador of  Sweden (invited)
H.E. Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister of Macedonia Zoran Straveski, Foreign Investment Minister Bill Petrovski, H.E. Ambassador Zoran Jolevski , January 20, 2014
stavrevski_150x200Amb. Dr. Zoran Jolevski. Republic of MacedoniaVele_Samak Macedonia
The Macedonian delegation was hosted by the Ambassadorial Roundtable on January 20th, 2014. The Macedonian guests met with selected  business and  community leaders as part of the Embassy West Business Roundtable.  This was the Deputy Prime Minister’s first visit to California.
H.E. Ambassador Zoran Jolevski of Macedonia,La Jolla December 3rd, 2013
Professor Zoran Jolevski was appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to the United States in March 2007. In November 2008, he was appointed the Macedonian Government’s chief negotiator on name differences with Greece under the auspices of the United Nations. Ambassador Jolevski is a professor at the European University, in Skopje, Macedonia.
H.E. Ashok Kumar Mirpuri, Ambassador of Singapore, Consul General Mr. Christopher Cheang and
First Information Officer Ms. Tania Koh. September 5th, 2013 La Jolla, CA 
IMG_5951 IMG_6013IMG_6028__________________________________________________________________
On the  red carpet all 11 Ambs.

On the Red Carpet at Ceremony

Wating for Pres. Pena Nieto with  Amb. Negodic

Wating for Pres. Pena Nieto with Amb. Negodic

Attending meeting with Pres. Pena Nieto and  Amb. Negodic

Attending meeting with Pres. Pena Nieto and Amb. Negodic



Amb. Dr. Zoran Jolevski. Republic of Macedonia
Ambassadorial Roundtable hosts H.E. Zoran Jolevski,
Ambassador of Macedonia
December 3rd, 2013, La Jolla, CA
images imagesAmbassadorial Roundtable hosts H.E Ashok Kumar Mirpuri, Ambassador of Singapore, Consul General Mr. Christopher Cheang and First Information Officer Ms. Tania Koh.
September 5th, 2013, La Jolla,CA
jadranka-negodic PICTURE USEbosnia-herzegovina-flagAmbassadorial Roundtable hosts H.E. Jadranka Negodic, Ambassador of  Bosnia  Herzegovina
 June 5th, 2013, La Jolla, CA
 Experience the of beauty of the Middle East with the Ambassadorial Roundtable:  culture, charm, and food.
 November 13th, 2013 San Diego, CA
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SWISS FLAG Meet us in St. Moritz, Switzerland!
The  Ambassadorial Roundtable & Young Diplomats Forum meet @ the Palace Hotel in St. Moritz Switzerland with international affairs enthusiasts from around the world.
Date: February 20th, 2014  St. Moritz, Switzerland
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